College Student Purchase Program – $1000 Bonus Cash

College Student Purchase Program

CSSP Program Details

  • Eligibility extends to three years past graduation date
  • Graduates of 4-year programs receive Tier 0
  • Graduates of 2-year programs/trade schools receive Tier 1
  • Current students receive Tier 1
  • Available on Ford models up to F-550 and all Lincoln models
  • Retail or Lease; Standard or Subvented; All eligible terms
  • Tiers 0-4; Personal Use Only
  • A/X/Z/D Plan eligible

Guaranteed Approval Criteria

Applicants meeting Criteria Receive approval at Tier 0 Rate

  • Graduates of 4-year programs only
  • Maximum 22% payment to income
  • No prior repossessions or open bankruptcies
  • Maximum advance is the lower of MSRP or $50,000
  • New Ford models only
  • Tier 0 – 4 only
  • Minimum 620 FICO Score for all contract participants
  • One unit per customer
  • Click here to find out if you qualify!