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As a Ford authorized dealership with an in-house service department, we naturally operate a dedicated tire department also certified to offer your vehicle world-class tire services.

Ford Tire Sales & Services in St. Louis

We have new Ford tires for sale in St. Louis, MO, and provide a comprehensive menu of tire services ready to meet your vehicle’s every tire need. Your tire services at Sunset Ford will include a factory-trained technician, and we have invested in state-of-the-art tire service equipment to offer the highest quality service for your Ford.


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Tires for Sale

We have an impressive inventory of brand new Ford tires featuring famous tire brands in the right size for your Ford and in a selection of styles ready to meet your driving needs. We also offer installation to specifications with balancing as needed. When tires are found to carry an excessive performance risk, such as rapid wear, sidewall bulging, or lack of tread depth, we can provide the tire replacement service needed to get back on the road with optimum traction that restores safety.


Tire Services

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Tire Rotation

Tires need to be rotated every 6,000 to 8,000 miles for the average vehicle. This helps create even tire wear, extended tire life, and optimum traction that enhance safety when driving. We use the Ford certified tire rotation diagram to ensure every tire faces similar load-bearing forces over the long haul.

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Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment

Wheels need to be aligned to ensure proper tire traction with the road. We provide two-wheel and four-wheel alignment service using a computerized wheel aligner offering precision wheel angles guiding how your tires contact the road.

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Tire Balancing

Tire Balancing

Wheels must be balanced because imbalances can cause a shaky driving experience, wreak havoc on tires, and cause excessive wear and tear to the suspension components. We use a digital wheel balancer to check if the weight is balanced across wheel-tire assemblies. Any imbalances are adjusted as needed to ensure the perfect balance.

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Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Most newer Ford models are equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system with radio transmitters at each wheel position that regularly monitors tire pressure. The pressure readings are continually being sent to the computer, where you can see them on your dashboard. If anything goes wrong with this system, such as transmitter damage or faulty readings, we can quickly and conveniently repair it.

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Tire Inspection

Our factory-trained Ford technicians have extensive training and direct experience working with tires. They can offer an accurate assessment of your tires’ condition and what maintenance is needed in response to tire-related driving issues and risks.

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Tires for Fleet Vehicles and RVs

At Sunset Ford, we know that it’s not just regular cars, trucks, and SUVs that need tires. That’s why our tire store also carries tires designed for fleet vehicles and RVs. Whether you drive a commercial Ford model for your business, own a fleet of heavy-duty trucks, or enjoy seeing the country in a Ford motorhome, you can rest assured that you’ll find replacement tires at Sunset Ford.

Find the Right Tire

At Sunset Ford, serving Chesterfield and Florissant, we make it easy to find the tires that your Ford needs with our convenient tire finder, which allows you to search either by vehicle or by size. If you’re searching by vehicle, choose the year, make, and model; you also have the option of adding the trim level, if you know it. If you’re searching by size, we’ll ask for the width, aspect ratio, and rim size. When you’ve entered this information, we’ll give you a list of available tires that will suit your vehicle.


Ford Tire Maintenance & Repair

Where Do I Locate My Tire Size and
What Do They Represent?

  • Tire Size – A combination of alphabetic and numeric characters that indicate the nominal dimensions of a tire. For example (mouse over or tap each character for more information): P 245 / 55 R 17 102 V
  • Load Index Number – A numeric code that indicates the maximum load-carrying capacity of a tire at the maximum cold inflation pressure.
  • Speed Symbol – An alphabetical code that indicates the maximum speed at which the tire can carry a load corresponding to its Load Index when properly inflated. These two items together are known as the “Service Description.”

Speed Symbol Chart

MPH: 99 106 112 118 124 130 149 168 186 >186

*For tires having a maximum speed capability above 149 mph, a “ZR” may appear in the size designation; above 186 mph, a “ZR” must appear in the size designation, and a Service Description, including the “Y” speed symbol, must be included in brackets.

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We are always looking for new ways for our customers to get excellent service conveniently. One of the many ways that we do this is with online maintenance and service schedule. We allow you to schedule an appointment on our website at your convenience, any day, any time.


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