How to Use Ford Remote Start

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If you own a new Ford vehicle in the St. Louis or Kirkwood area, you might be wondering how to use Ford Remote Start. This is a straightforward feature that allows you to start and stop your vehicle remotely, and it can integrate with SYNC Connect and Memory if your Ford is properly equipped. The service team at Sunset Ford St. Louis has put together a guide detailing how to use the Ford Remote Start system, as well as some troubleshooting if you find that the system isn’t working.

Ford Remote Start: Step-By-Step Process

The first thing you want to take before using Ford Remote Start is to turn on your vehicle. Then, just follow these simple steps:

Starting Your Ford Vehicle

  1. Press the lock button on the key fob to lock the doors 
  2. Press the remote start button twice 
  3. Exterior lamps will flash twice 
  4. Horn will sound if the command failed 

Turning the Vehicle Off 

  1. After remote starting, press the button once 
  2. Exterior lamps will turn off 

Your Ford may be equipped with the Memory feature, which remembers your preferences for seating, mirror, and steering column positions, and adjusts everything when you activate Ford Remote Start! 

What is FordPass? 

If your Ford comes equipped with SYNC Connect, you can use FordPass to control it remotely. There’s no subscription required for SYNC Connect; just download it from your app store of choice and you can control the following features:

  • Start and stop remotely 
  • Lock and unlock remotely 
  • Schedule a start 
  • Check gas and fluid levels

Ford Remote Access Won’t Work? 

If you’re running into problems with Ford Remote Start, the issue could be related to one of the following:

  • Ignition is on
  • Triggered alarm 
  • Disabled remote stop/start system 
  • Open hood 
  • Transmission is in park (P)
  • Low vehicle battery 
  • “Service engine soon” light is illuminated 

If you’re still having trouble remotely starting your Ford after troubleshooting the issues from the above list, go ahead and schedule a service appointment from our website and we’ll have you back on the Fenton roads as soon as possible!

Learn More About Ford Services at Sunset Ford of St. Louis! 

Do you have any questions about Ford Remote Start, or just want to learn more about the services that we offer? Feel free to contact our office or stop by our Oakville-area service center to talk to one of our service experts. And if you’re looking to save on your next service appointment, we have service specials updated all the time.

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