2022 Ford Escape Dimensions – Is It Enough?

July 5th, 2022 by
2022 Ford Escape with Second-Row Sliding Seats

There’s a lot to appreciate about the 2022 Ford Escape. From its efficiency to its incredible towing prowess, you can count on the 2022 Ford Escape to be a perfect companion on your St Louis adventures. With that being said, there’s another thing to appreciate about the new Ford Escape. In fact, take a closer look at its dimensions and you’ll find that it’s perfectly sized for nearly any lifestyle.

Whether you’re driving around tight city spaces or you need something comfortable that provides more than enough room on your Fenton road trips, the 2022 Ford Escape dimensions have you covered. Discover the new Ford Escape interior dimensions and exterior dimensions today with the professionals at Sunset Ford St. Louis!

What Are the Ford Escape Exterior Dimensions?

At first glance, the new Ford Escape exterior dimensions may seem like it’d be a lot. However, if you research the actual figures, it’s clear that the new Escape was designed with maneuverability in mind. It’s the perfect size to help you drive around town with ease and find parking spots with no issues while offering a good enough size so that you don’t feel overpowered when you’re cruising on the highway. Let’s take a look at the 2022 Ford Escape exterior dimensions:

  • Length: 180.5 inches
  • Width including/excluding mirrors: 85.6 inches/74.1 inches
  • Height without options & roof-rail crossbars/with roof rack cross bars: 66.1 inches/38.6 inches
  • Wheelbase: 106.7 inches

What Are the Ford Escape Interior Dimensions?

With such compact exterior dimensions, the Ford Escape interior dimensions are likely cramped, right? Luckily, thanks to smart engineering, the Ford Escape is both easy to drive around city streets without sacrificing interior room. In fact, you’ll find that the 2022 Escape offers generous dimensions for each and every passenger to easily get comfortable during Arnold drives. Not planning on driving people regularly? The new Escape even offers plentiful amounts of room in the cargo area to accommodate nearly anything you throw its way. Discover some of the interior Ford Escape dimensions below:

  • Seating capacity: 5 passengers
  • Front/rear headroom: 40 inches/39.3 inches
  • Front/rear shoulder room: 57.6 inches/56 inches
  • Front/rear hip room: 55.2 inches/53.3 inches
  • Front/rear legroom: 42.4 inches/40.7 inches
  • Total passenger volume: 104 cubic feet
  • Cargo volume behind front/rear seats: 65.4 cubic feet/37.5 cubic feet

Sunset Ford St. Louis Can Help You Experience the Ford Escape Dimensions!

Does the 2022 Ford Escape sound like it’ll fit in your St Louis garage without sacrificing your comfort and usability? Head to our dealership today and we can help you experience the new Escape in person. Reach out to us when you’re ready to take the next steps!


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